No technical challenge is too big!

Our years of experience have allowed us to become experts in the design and production of a broad variety of devices.
Each project starts with a preliminary discussion with our clients: what issue does our client face? How can we resolve this for our client? We ask critical questions, and in this way develop added value for our clients and our products.

Then we start the design phase, keeping in mind as much as possible the client’s demands and of course also the technical possibilities.
Our engineers work closely together with our production staff, ensuring swift interaction and a high level of expertise. In addition, everyone within our organization helps think of ways to generate future improvement.

The specialist in the areas of design, construction, and conservation of various steel and stainless steel devices, tailored to the client.


///// We are pioneers when it comes to sheet metalworking and welding.

///// We are a flexible SME, allowing us to precisely address the client’s demands and aspire to the highest quality.

Mission & strategy

///// We cultivate a critical mindset every day , constantly looking for ways to improve the future.

///// It takes a constant commitment from the entire team to produce a high-quality product within the proposed timeframe.

///// To further build and develop the company across generations.

///// To propose solutions to our clients, with professional design, and expert construction.


  • 2018

    Blasting and painting is now done in-house. A new area is being built for the installation of a brand-new 16-metre blast cabinet.

  • 2012

    We continue to specialize in complex realizations for various industries. The possibilities in manipulating heavy weights and building even larger dimensions continue to grow.

  • 2008

    Increasing engineering and administrative organization activities have led to the construction of a new office building.

  • 2000

    Our production departments continue to be digitized. New sheet metalworking technologies and extensive welding automation drive up production.
    2D and 3D CAD-CAM software is being introduced and applied for the realization of the most advanced constructions.

  • 1999

    The arrival of 2 sons at the company (Christophe & Vincent) also entails the start-up of a completely separate stainless steel division with accompanying pickling area for the processing of all types of stainless steel. The total built-up surface area is now 6,500 m².

  • 1978

    Considerable expansion of the production HALLSand systematic diversification towards more industrial equipment. Successful experiments are being conducted involving new materials and alloys. Verschoore Construction is gradually staking its claim in the marketplace.

  • 1967

    The significant demand for storage tanks both for the private and industrial markets drives the company’s gradual growth.

  • 1962

    The advent of fuel oil for heating, and the need for the storage thereof, led to the construction of a production area for the construction of storage tanks at the present location. This heralded the start of the second generation, with Jean Pierre Verschoore as the sole company director.

  • 1935

    Maurits Verschoore started off repairing steam boilers in the Lys region’s burgeoning flax industry. The company started off in the town centre of Ingelmunster.