3 Vertical storage tanks with a total height of 14 meters

Proud of this local project!

Verschoore was commissioned to design, build, finish, supply
and install 3 vertical storage tanks for plant-based oils.

With a total height of approximately 14 meters and a diameter of
4.600mm, they can each store 174.000 liters of oils.

In order to keep the oils liquid at cold temperatures,
cylindrical heating coils were mounted at the bottom
to keep the liquids at the right temperature by using hot water.

Two of them were given an insulation jacket in our workshop, covered
with white corrugated sheet.
The roofs were executed with hard walkable plates and equipped with
stainless steel hand railings.

A 110 ton crane placed the three tanks safely on their final position.

Your project, our craftsmanship, the perfect match!