The old days

Did you know that Verschoore Constructie has been building
storage tanks, process and pressure vessels for its domestic
and foreign customers for 4 generations?

The second generation under grandfather Maurice Verschoore was mainly
at the service of the many local flax-companies on the Leie river, for
the repair of their steam boilers  and barrels as well as all kind of
mechanical repairs.

It is mainly the third generation, led by Jean-Pierre Verschoore,
who puts the company firmly on the map towards the production of
storage tanks.

With his far-reaching ambition and passion for the profession,
the factory workshops expanded significantly.

In the eighties, a diversification to more industrial tank and equipment
was systematically implemented.
Experiments with new materials and alloys were carried out successfully.

Verschoore is gradually taking its place in the market.

In the millennium years, new technologies in sheet metal processing and
far-reaching automation in welding are driving production upwards.

Over the years, Verschoore has built up a considerable expertise in the design
and production of a wide variety of devices.

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