Green energy

Because sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint are important for our future, Verschoore & Verkouille also thinks and acts to become greener.

Last year we removed 4000 M² of asbestos-containing panels from our roof and replaced them with insulated panels of 100 mm thickness.

The extra insulation retains the temperature better in winter and keeps the cold inside longer in summer.

With the new roof we have found the ideal opportunity to cover our roof with high quality solar panels, which provide us with 80% of our energy needed in the summer. With a capacity of 66 Mwh/year, we become more independent of our energy suppliers.

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After a very busy and hectic first part of 2023 , all our employees need a summer rest to recharge the batteries and go for more in the second part of the year.

Our company in Ingelmunster is closed from July 21 to August 15.

Our company in Ostend is closed from July 15 to August 6 and from 12 till 15th of August included.

We wish you all sunny and relaxing holidays!

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new assembly hall in Ingelmunster


Last month we put the last hand on our new assembly hall in Ingelmunster.

The new industrial hall must enable us to build bigger, heavier and taller tank constructions in stainless steel.

With a height of 20 meters under the crane hook, we will be able to assemble, weld and grind vessels up to Ø 5.800 mm // max. weight of 20 tonnes in one operation.

At least three overhead cranes (2 x 10 Ton/ 1 x 20 Ton ) are running under the roof to optimize our internal transport of the subassemblies.

With a total covered surface of 7000 M² - 20 overhead cranes in total, Verschoore-Verkouille is ready to further increase its production capacity for the construction of your tanks, reactors and columns.


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New rolling machine

After 25 years of succesful production in our Ingelmunster workshop, it was time for our machine to retire.

Last month we installed our brand new rolling machine, with all options fitted for optional rolling of our plates.

A very smart control unit, masters the parameters and helps our operator to keep the diameter of our cylinders within the tightest tolerances.

A remote control unit enables the operator to move freely around the machine to master and verify the rolling process in detail.

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New website

After more then 3 years of marriage between Verschoore & Verkouille, we finally present you our new website

We put a lot of effort in assembling and inserting all kinds of realisations from the past.

Take a look at the "realisations" and see how small or big, how easy or how complex, how similar or different items we are able to produce in our workshops.

Our history line shows clearly the growth track we performed troughout the years. As one big family, our main goal is thriving to provide the best suitable storage and production solutions for our clients.

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Happy reunion with oil factory Lichtervelde

After a period of about 12 years, Oliefabriek Lichtervelde knocked on the door again for the expansion of its tank park.

The plans were quite ambitious: in addition to the existing 250,000 liter oil tanks, it was decided to add no less than 12 new tanks, bringing the total extra volume to 3,000,000 liters of linseed oil.

In addition to the construction of the tanks and accessories, Verschoore & Verkouille also took care of the insulation work.

The construction of all 12 tanks took approximately 9 months, with the tanks being transported to the site in Lichtervelde in groups of 4. With their 5 meter diameter, the trucks took up almost the entire width of the road.

With this successful project, Verschoore & Verkouille once again proves its strong experience and reputation in the design and construction of your tank farms.

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Jordy Verhulst aka MCTV

Discover the latest music sensation from the Flemish village of Oostrozebeke.

MCTV, also known as Jordy Verhulst, is one of our welding team members.
He has a great talent for writing positive and funny but also realistic texts.

He is also very proud of his community, as you can hear in his single "8780" (eighty-seven-eighty).

Jordy was interviewed a few weeks ago on the Flemish radio station "Radio Tequila".


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The Flymarker - a step forward in material identification

With the emerging globalization and diversity in qualities of carbon and stainless steel materials, correct identification and traceability of the material becomes more important than ever.

At Verschoore, every purchased material runs through our new ERP data system, and is directly linked to its material certificate throughout the entire delivery process.
Once arrived at our workshop, all materials are professionally marked with their heat number using our new digital flymarker.

With each pipe or profile cut, the heat number can be easily transferred to the residual material by pressing a few numbers on the flymarker.
This quality procedure is to ensure that we use the correct material with the correct material identification on our final products.

This new procedure is only one element in our pursuit of optimal quality assurance of our products.


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New building for insulation

Why bother on site with expensive scaffoldings and difficult working conditions, if you can order your tank to arrive completely insulated on site.

In order to protect our insulation workers from bad weather conditions, we recently erected a building on our production premises to position our tanks and vessels for carrying out the insulation works.

The building can receive tanks up to a diameter of 5.000 mm and a length of 14.000 mm.

Do not hesitate to contact us to insulate your vessel before transport to your place!

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