Since 1 January 2020, Constructibedrijf Verkouille became part of the Verschoore group. The acquisition is part of a growth strategy that was mapped out in the past and is now gradually taking shape.

Constructibedrijf Verkouille has excelled for 2 generations in the construction of reactors and process vessels with the highest quality and craftsmanship within its niche. Verschoore Constructie from Ingelmunster and Constructiebedrijf Verkouille from Ostend will from now on continue under one name, one identity:
Verschoore & Verkouille, tanks and reactors.

Given the strong reputation of Verkouille in the world of reactors, it was deliberately chosen to keep the name Verkouille and to market it alongside Verschoore. Both Verschoore and Verkouille have followed a very similar track in their lives. Both companies pride themselves on their rich history in tank construction and are some of the oldest players in the market.

It were the grandfathers of the current directors Vincent & Christophe Verschoore and Alain Verkouille who laid the foundations of this rich tradition in the first half of the last century.

Both started as manufacturers of serial storage tanks for the storage of fuel oil, as fuel for residential and industrial heating. Both evolved from series production to single piece production, according to the specific wishes of the customer. These evolutions and the constant acceptance of new technical challenges in terms of shape, material, thicknesses and complexity mean that both companies have built up a great deal of expertise in the market of tank and reactor construction and this in the most diverse industries.

The specialist in the design, construction and conservation of various appliances in steel and stainless steel, tailored to the customer.

mission &

We adopt a critical attitude every day and are constantly looking for ways to do better tomorrow.

Continue to work on the expansion and development of the company over the generations.

Constant commitment from the entire team is required to deliver a high-quality product within the set term.

Proposing solutions to our customers, professionally designing and expertly constructing.



Start of the construction of a new production hall on our site in Ingelmunster with an assembly tower of 23m height. This hall should allow us to produce constructions with larger dimensions and higher weights.


Acquisition of the company "Constructiebedrijf Verkouille" from Ostend and integration into our family group. The company specializes mainly in the construction of process vessels and reactors for the chemical industry.


Purchase of a new laser cutting machine 6kW for cutting exclusively stainless steel up to a maximum thickness of 20mm. Improved cutting quality, reduced post-processing of the cut parts takes our quality to a higher level.


Further expansion of our steel department by approximately 1000m². 2 new overhead cranes of 12.5 tons each allow us to build constructions of up to 25 tons in our factory hall.


We continue to specialize in complex realizations for various industries. The possibilities in manipulating heavy weights and building ever larger dimensions continue.


Increased engineering and administrative organization activities lead to the establishment of a new office building.


Our production departments are being digitized further. New technologies in sheet metal working and far-reaching automation in welding are driving production upwards.
2D as well as 3D CAD-CAM software is introduced and applied for the construction of the most advanced structures.


The arrival of 2 sons in the company ( Christophe & Vincent ) also means the start of a completely separate stainless steel department with an associated pickling hall for the processing of all types of stainless steel. The total built-up area is now 6500 M².

1978 - 1995

Sensitive expansion of the factory workshops and systematic diversification to more industrial tank and equipment construction. Successful experiments are being carried out with new materials and alloys. Verschoore Constructie is gradually gaining its place in the market.


The high demand for storage tanks for both the private and industrial market ensures steady growth of the company.


The emergence of fuel oil as a heating fuel, and the need for its storage, leads to the construction of a production workshop for the construction of storage tanks at the current location. Immediately the start of the second generation with Jean Pierre Verschoore as sole manager.


Maurits Verschoore starts repairing steam boilers in the thriving flax industry in the Leie region. The company has its start in the city center of Ingelmunster.

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